David Bancroft Avrick

You want more. More leads, more sales, more contracts. And there are few things more frustrating than having the marketing budget, and still not being able to get more.

Maybe you’ve been told that your market is just tapped out. That if you spend more money, your ROI will be terrible. To settle for what you’ve got.

As a marketing consultant with over a half-century of experience, I’ve faced this problem many times. I’ve always believed that you should be able to get more, and I’ve proven that you CAN.

When Craftmatic was using all of the available efficient spot TV, I invented the first infomercial. And it generated over 100,000 leads the very first year. When Addressograph-Multigraph was tapped out on B2B space, I invented the first postcard deck. When there haven’t been not enough affordable media, I’ve created new ones.

I created a new format for advertising in Parade (tipped on reply card), and generated over 300,000 replies. I created a new format in TV Guide (full-page perforated tear-out that converted to a reply card) and generated 10,000 responses every 6 weeks for year and years.

My track record speaks for itself. I’ve generated over 100 million responses (over 37 million for Craftmatic alone).
That’s no doubt significantly more than anyone else in the world.
And I can do it for you.
Get results, not excuses.

You don’t need another marketing plan, and you certainly don’t need any more committee meetings. What you need are results. And that’s what we deliver. We work with your marketing team and advertising agencies, and guide them towards new marketing opportunities.

You need someone who understands data. I founded Uni-Mail Lists in New York, and just recently sold Avrick Direct, Inc., which ships 3 billion records a year to all of the major data resellers in the country. I will quickly assess your company data for hidden opportunities to improve conversions, upselling and cross selling.

I’ll find additional profit centers for you. There may be opportunities to have other companies market and sell your products or services, or for you to sell theirs. This can often be done with little to no out-of-pocket expense to you.

If you want to move from: “We’re working on it.” to “We’re doing it.” I can help you.

I’ve billed over a billion dollars in marketing services, and understand how to get things done. I’ve created breakthroughs in direct mail, package inserts, television, telemarketing, print, product development, etc. I have literally thousands of Linked In endorsements including direct marketing, lead generation, direct mail, customer acquisition, database marketing, email and online marketing.

I’m the guy who wrote: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. And the guy who saw the opportunity to turn 6 million sheets of used celluloid, gathering dust and incurring storage fees, into a collection industry of a product known today as animated art cels.

If you want MORE, let me help you achieve it.

Give me a call today at (805) 963-8888, or send me an email, david@avrickconsulting.com. I look forward to speaking with you.