Are You in the Top 1% of Your State?

You read so much lately about the “one-percenters”, and the politicians never stop talking about them. It is usually in very negative terms. I hear friends and associates blasting them as being the cause of every problem in America. And policy makers spend a lot of time talking about income distribution, with a focus on the top 1%.However, many of the people I know who are making these derogatory statements don’t realize that THEY ARE THE 1%.

This figure is per tax filing, or per household. The total amount taken into consideration is the combined joint income of both spouses.The amount it takes to be in the top 1% varies a great deal by state, so that’s really the best way to look at the data. In Arkansas, you need to earn $228,298 a year to qualify in the top 1%. In Connecticut, it takes earnings of $677,608.

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