Use New Mover Lists to Promote Your Business

There is no doubt the new mover list is the most frequently used list in the U.S. This is not surprising since 43 million Americans move every year.

It’s during the just-moved phase that you should take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself and your services to the people in the midst of making all of these changes and decisions.

When you and your family move, you are faced with a wide range of needs. Your curtains and carpeting no longer fit. Some of your furniture is still serviceable, but simply not worth moving.

Your new lawn may require a gardening service. If your new home has a pool, you need a pool maintenance service. You will probably want a new bank, new restaurants, new dry cleaners, and a new place to get pizza. You’ll also need a new church, a new doctor, a new dentist, a new veterinarian … new this and new that.

You will change so many things that we all take for granted every day.

Nearly 50% of Americans get divorced, usually resulting in one partner moving, and probably starting from scratch. He or she may want to avoid all of the old haunts, and look for a new church, restaurants, and even stores. If a couple is marrying or expanding the family, they will need lots of new stuff.

All of these events represent change. About 60% of all new moves are from one city to another. But even the 40% of people who move within the same city usually move to a new neighborhood, and look for many goods and services closer to home.

Seventy-two percent of all new moves are into single family dwellings. These movers need additional services ranging from home improvement to landscaping, from painting to pest control.

When you contact these people, you should plan to make a very compelling offer. These new families will be your customers for years and years. You want to do everything to encourage them to contact you. As you know, nothing works better than FREE. A free pool service, free lawn service, dry clean a garment for free, a free meal, a free check-up, a free pizza. All of these are “too good to resist”. If you can’t do it free, then meet them half way – free soda with pizza, a free bottle of wine with dinner, or 50% off your first visit, or $25 off your first visit.

The right new move list should provide you with:

  • Quantity – enough new move names each month to justify setting up a special marketing program.
  • Recency – it is important to be the first in the marketplace. The list must be compiled immediately upon the date of move. You don’t want to be the third of your competitors to promote to these new move names.
  • Distance – the ability to out of town vs. within the same city. If you are selling pizza it probably doesn’t matter … I want to order pizza from the parlor closest to my new home. But if I only moved from five miles away I probably won’t change my dentist.
  • Dwelling type – the ability to select people by whether they moved into a single family dwelling vs. a multi-family dwelling. Again, it doesn’t matter to the dry cleaner, but it does matter to the pool maintenance and the lawn maintenance companies.