Everything You Wanted to Know About New Movers

With over 20 million households moving every year, it’s impossible to ignore this direct marketing opportunity. It equates to around 50 million potential new customers per year.

New Movers represent an incredible market for thousands of companies to grow their businesses by gaining new customers.

Every contractor is looking to reach new movers. All of the cable/phone/internet companies want to sign up new movers. The same holds true for home services and home products. On average, new homeowners will spend $9,000 and new renters will spend $3,700 in the first six months after a move. They will buy furniture, appliances, home decorating and accents, flooring, bedding, garden equipment; the list goes on and on. And 12% will replace their car.

New movers tend to be younger people, with more than half under age 30. The majority of moves are short, nearly 2/3 are within the same county. More than half of moves occur between June and October. This is influenced by better weather, and the school calendar.

New mover lists continue to represent the most frequently mailed type of list in the nation. We recently published a white paper about this, with information about new movers: who, why, when and where; and the marketing opportunities they present. If you would like to receive a copy of this report, please call us, or send us an email.