Increase Your Sales with Deluxe Versions

Deluxe versions are not applicable to every product. But we have found they (a) increase the total number of orders (b) increase the average order.

The easiest way to offer a deluxe version is to change the packaging. If you’re selling a book for $19.95, a deluxe version might be a hard cover version for $24.95. Or a hard cover book in a sleeve. Or add a ribbon bookmark that’s attached to the binding.

The airlines have 2 or 3 sections of seats. First and Economy, or First, Business and Economy. They recently added a deluxe section in economy which offers more leg room. They have raised the average order significantly by offering a deluxe version of the simple coach seat.

When you join an organization, you’re frequently given a chance to upgrade to a higher, and more expensive, level of membership. The auto clubs offer the basic version, and then upgrades with more benefits, or a longer tow radius.

When we’ve offered a deluxe version of a product, we typically have 15% of the buyers take advantage of this offer. As long as the cost to service this additional benefit is less than the amount paid, it adds to the overall profit of the mailing.

Everyone wants to feel they are special. And by offering the ‘deluxe’ version you give the buyer an opportunity to feel special for a few dollars extra.