Where Do Mover Lists Come From?


PRE-MOVERS are homeowners who have just listed their current homes for sale. These new listings of homes for sale are available on multiple public domain websites, including websites that offer ‘for sale by owner’ homes. Each week we accumulate the addresses of these homes. We also capture the asking price of the home. We then match them against our massive consumer name database to determine the name of the owner. There are about 85,000 new listings each week. These names, by definition, are 100% homeowners.


There are three common sources for New Mover names.

1) Consumer Changes of Address (CHAD): consumers notify the companies they do business with, magazines they subscribe to, utilities they receive water, gas, electricity, telephone, cable, etc. from, advising them of their upcoming change of address and their anticipated date-of-move. This list includes both homeowners and renters. The Avrick Direct CHAD file averages 400,000 names per week, all with previous and current addresses. Because we have the date of move in advance, this file is consistently the first-to-market new mover file in the nation.

2) Telephone company changes of address: each week around 85,000 people have a phone hooked up at a new location. This list offers nationwide coverage, updated daily from over 2600 national and local phone companies, and has both homeowners and renters. This list isn’t compiled until after the actual move date.

3) New homeowners file the deed of trust with their local county courthouse. Each week we gather approximately 55,000 of these new home sales, compiled from over 2,650 individual sources. In addition to the name and address, we provide the purchase price, type and amount of the mortgage, etc. This file contains only homeowners.


There are many sources of new homeowner names. As noted above in item #3, we get new homeowner data from 2,650 of the county clerks around the country.

Another way we identify new homeowners is by matching the address of a new mover against our database, and selecting only those who moved into a single-family house. We know whether each address in the country is a single-family home or a multi-family home.

New mover lists continue to represent the most frequently mailed type of list in the nation. We recently published a white paper about this, with information about new movers: who, why, when and where; and the marketing opportunities they present.