The Role of the List Manager

While the role of the list broker is generally understood, the role of the list manager is not that clear. I have found that different people have different perspectives as to what the list manager’s job should be. I’ve been a mailer, a list owner, a list broker and a list manager, often at the same time, for 42 years. Now my role is that of list owner, with over 60 different mailing lists, and my perspective and expectations have changed. Continue reading “The Role of the List Manager”


Use New Mover Lists to Promote Your Business

There is no doubt the new mover list is the most frequently used list in the U.S. This is not surprising since 43 million Americans move every year.

It’s during the just-moved phase that you should take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself and your services to the people in the midst of making all of these changes and decisions. Continue reading “Use New Mover Lists to Promote Your Business”


What Exactly are Pre-Movers and Why Should I Market to Them

For many years there has been a strong demand for pre-movers ~ people planning to move. This was prompted by the moving companies, who wanted to pitch the pre-mover on their upcoming moves. When online surveys became popular, companies started asking the question: “are you planning to relocate within the next 3 months”. Those names became the first pre-mover lists. Continue reading “What Exactly are Pre-Movers and Why Should I Market to Them”


What Percentage of Americans Really Move Each Year

Over the past quarter century I’ve heard dozens of different statistics about the percentage of people that move every year. These guesstimates have varied from a low of 10% to a high of 25%. There seems to be a similar amount of confusion about the distance of moves and the variations by age and gender. As the creators of the ‘A Moving Experience’ mailing list, we’re consistently asked these questions. Continue reading “What Percentage of Americans Really Move Each Year”


Who Moves, Where and Why

Recent government reports provide a great deal of insight into the mobility of Americans. People move for many reasons, including a new job, a change in marital status or family size, or a change in economic status. For years major mailers have utilized “new move‟ names for their direct mail programs … because new move lists work. This new detailed analysis will help marketers understand the nature of the new move family, Continue reading “Who Moves, Where and Why”