Outbound Calls After a Mailing Has Been Received

Not every offer justifies a telephone follow-up call. If you’re sending out a catalog, it will never be profitable.

But many offers do justify an outbound follow-up phone call.

You CAN call all of your active customers without concern for Do-Not-Call (DNC). If it’s an inactive customer, you must screen your list and only call those numbers that are not listed on the DNC registry.

Fundraisers can always do well calling their most frequent donors, and their high dollar donors.
If the product you’re selling has a limited universe of names, the outbound telemarketing is worth the effort. Because there are so few prospects for your product, you must maximize your chances of making a sale with each name.

If you’re selling a very high ticket item – you most always require multiple phone calls to make the sale.

Many companies have built tremendous customer loyalty by calling high ticket buyers with a thank you call, and advising them of the probable shipping date.

With DNC, telemarketing may not work for you – but it’s still a viable way to get orders, increase orders and build customer loyalty.