Perturbation – Mental Disquiet, Disturbance or Agitation

Understanding perturbation is important for direct marketers. When things are calm in a person’s life they are content with the status quo. They see no reason to change their habits. This makes it difficult for marketers who want people to shift allegiance.

On the other hand when someone is disturbed or upset they are significantly more open to look at alternatives to every aspect of their lives. Among the most stressful things in life are selling your home, dealing with a new mortgage (the bigger it is the higher the stress level), buying a new home and moving. When you add them together you have a high level of perturbation.

This is the perfect time for direct marketers to reach out in order to acquire new customers. Whether it’s a bank, or insurance company, a cable TV or home security provider … this is the perfect time to convince homeowners to switch their allegiance.

It’s perturbation that contributes to the fact that literally thousands of companies reach out to people who have listed their homes for sale, signed a contract of sale, bought a new home or moved.