Stop Saving Pennies on Creative

You’ve noticed that the highest priced restaurants are usually the busiest. Because they are the best.

You’ve noticed the high quality gifts you give are usually the ones the recipients rave about. Because they’re the best. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending $20 or $200 or thousands – quality matters.

The same is true with creative services. Top creative talent costs money. They are the best and they demand high prices. And they’re worth it. You may have the greatest product — but it makes a wordsmith to make people believe they can’t live without it. It takes a brilliant copywriter to structure the offer, to anticipate, understand and answer all of the objections. It takes a seasoned pro to present all of the benefits in a compelling way.

And it takes a spectacular graphic designer to create a mailing piece that gets opened, that clearly presents the benefits. The skilled designer orchestrates the flow of the mailing from the outside envelope to the order form. They know how to present the product in the very best fashion. They take the copy and transform it into a magical mailing package.

Nowadays a 100,000 piece mailing is going to cost close to $50,000 – this is not the time to ‘do it yourself’. It’s not the time to hire your friend’s son or daughter. It’s time to find the best, and hire the best – and do everything you can to guarantee success.

Your mailing piece is your entire business. A successful mailing package builds your business. And you deserve no less.